Recording the new Augustus record 2017-2018

Jan 18, 2018

studio notes:

I have been working in the studio with Folk-Band-Turned-Psychedelic-Rock-Act AUGUSTUS.  I've been playing gigs with them for about a year now, and we are now hard at work on a new batch of songs which show a new dimension and depth in one of my absolute favorite Boulder/Denver area bands.   Tracking is in the can, with the basics laid down here at IntroVertigo from Nov 15th-18th, 2017, and with overdubs spread out through December and early January. 

The AUGUSTUS studio lineup is Colin Kelly - lead vox and git, Jim Herlihy - rhythm git, Marshall Carlson - bass, and me, Jay Elliott, on drums. Tracking duties fell on yours truly and my star pupil at the Art Institute, recent graduate Peter Hart. Co-Producer credit goes to Jay Elliott and Augustus. 

I will start mixing in a few short days.  

Shout out to Colin... these songs are really strong. We did spend a good amount of time on pre-production, and in my not-so-humble opinion that hard work and preparation has paid off. Let's all chant in unison... PRE-PRO-DUC-TION! 

Keep your ears peeled and watch this space for more details on this project. We're very excited. Rock and Roll!!!